Time lord has a close encounter of the alien kind in Arbroath...

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Sonic screwdrivers will be smokin’ for local fans of the hit BBC series Doctor Who who have a reason to become even more excited.

The latest tie-in novel, ‘The Drosten’s Curse,’ tells the story of the Doctor battling an alien creature that attacks the residents of Arbroath.

Set during the adventures of the fourth doctor (Tom Baker), the novel by Dundee author A. L. Kennedy sees the British icon join forces with a young, intelligent hotel receptionist and a bumbling young man to stop an ancient creature that is causing havoc in Arbroath: by luring residents to their demise in the bunkers at the Fetch Brothers Golf Spa Hotel.

As well as encountering the previously mentioned threat, the Doctor also has to deal with the grandchildren of the octopus-obsessed owner of the hotel, who somehow have the strange ability to materialise from walls and people suddenly being able to hear each others thoughts.

The majority of the action takes place at the golf spa but there are multiple references to Arbroath with locations such as the Seafront, the West Links, the miniature railway station, Ladyloan and Saint Vigeans.

The novel provides a well written description of Arbroath in the late 1970s.

The level of research that went into detailing the plot and setting is of a very high standard.

The novel also manages to capture the humorous tone of the Tom Baker depiction of the Doctor by having him appear both brilliant and foolish at the same time.

The romantic subplot between Bryony, the young receptionist and her bumbling admirer, Ian Patterson, provide much of the book’s light-hearted and good-natured laughs.

While ‘The Drosten’s Curse’ is unlikely to lure in new fans to the world of Doctor Who, die-hard fans of the series will be enthralled by the latest addition to the universe of one of Britain’s most recognisable characters.

‘Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse’ by A.L. Kennedy is published July 16, by BBC Books and is priced £16.99 in hardback.