Thunderbirds are go!

Arbroath Relay for Life have signed up their 30th team for this year’s event.

‘Thunderbirds International Rescue’ was conceived as a way of including a number of people who wished to contribute but found that the date clashed with their holiday plans.

There were a number of local people who wanted to take part but will be abroad on holiday at the time of the event. That spurred Relay Committee Team chair Brian Cargill to think of a way to accommodate them and allow them to be part of Arbroath Relay even though they are not in the town at that time.

Brian explained: “The thought came to me that if they were prepared to register and walk for one hour on the weekend of September 20-21 then we could include them in this year’s event. It then seemed logical that this could be opened up to allow family and friends all over the world who would want to show their support for Arbroath’s Relay for Life”

“They have all agreed to pledge a minimum of £50 and are signing up to the team ‘Thunderbirds International Rescue’. We now have 10 Thunderbirds registered and have the team captains walking over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We also have people walking on the beach in Mexico and between Marmaris and Icemeler (Turkey).”

There will also be also walkers in a number of cities across the United States, including Seattle and Indianapolis. There is also one Thunderbird who will be on a cruise and will walk around the deck of the ship as it passes Los Angeles.

Brian added: “One of the most exciting developments is that we now have a walker who is originally from Dundee, emigrated two years ago and now lives in Frankston, Australia. He will now be taking part in our twinned Relay in Frankston, giving us a direct link with them on the day of Relay.”

There is also a commitment from friends who are planning to register for Relay for Life that will see Thunderbirds walking in Prague, Turkey, Milwaukee, California and a whole host of other possible international locations.

Each participant will get a photograph or video taken of them in their Relay t-shirt during their walk and send the pictures back so that they can be displayed during the relay in Arbroath.

“This adds another dimension to our relay this year and it highlights the international support and worldwide co-operation in fighting cancer,” said Brian.

Relay For Life is a non-athletic event for the whole family. Anyone wishing to take part in this year’s Relay For Life in Arbroath can do so by logging on to the Cancer Research UK relay for Life Website and following the links. Further information may be obtained by contacting Relay Chair, Ian Angus on 07928 521030 or Team Chair Brian Cargill on