This week’s new cinema releases

Naomi Watts as Diana.
Naomi Watts as Diana.

There is not too much to look forward to in terms of big new releases this week but there is something to suit everyone if you’re just looking to pass the time.

First up this week is ‘The Call’, a thriller starring Halle Berry.

Jordan Turner is a veteran 911 operator but when she makes an error in judgment during an emergency call regarding a home intrustion that resulted in the girl’s death, it leaves Jordan rattled and feeling hopeless.

But then teenager Casey Welson is kidnapped and held in the back of a man’s car and calls 911.

Jordan answers, and this time she vows to save her and bring the criminal to justice.

If that doesn’t appeal then there is ‘Diana’ - a biopic that is already courting much controversy.

The film focuses on the love affair that evolved between Diana and a Pakistani heart surgeon during the last years of her life.

But already the reviews have been damning and Naomi Watts performance as Diana has come under much scruitiny.

Elsewhere in movie-land this week ‘R. I.P.D.’ sounds as dire as it probably is.

A murdered cop joins a pack of undead police officers working for the Rest In Peace Department in order to try and find his killer.

R. I. P. D is probably one to avoid, or at least wait for the DVD.

Last up this week is ‘Cold Comes the Night’ where struggling hostel owner Chloe is taken hostage by an almost blind criminal. It sounds a bit random and probably is but it would pass the time if nothing else.