THIS is Out of Control!

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THE ARBROATH Herald campaign to rid our streets of the scourge of dog mess has had a huge reaction with the town’s worst affected streets revealed.

With many of our local paths and roads littered with dog faeces, readers have been quick to tell us about streets where owners are failing to pick up after their pets.

And one street in particular which many readers mentioned was Dishlandtown Street, where they say the problem is getting out of control.

On our Facebook page, Sherryl Jane Irvine said: “Dishlandtown Street is really bad for dog muck.

“I quite often have to go out and pick it up as its just outside my gate and to top it all one Friday morning somebody did actually pick it up in a tissue and then put in the bottle bin. Luckily I spotted it and got it out before the bin men came to collect the bottles. Imagine how they would have felt coming across that.”

While Ida Glendinning via email added: “Please add Dishlandtown Street to your list of streets which are covered in dog mess. It is absolutely disgusting along here. Well done for taking up the challenge.”

But it seems many of Arbroath’s other streets are also affected with several people coming forward to tell us they regularly see dog owners leave mess after their dogs.

Wilma Edwards told the Herald: “There are two poop bins in place in Glebe Road, but people are not using them.

“I have two dogs myself and clear up after them, but I am sick of opening my back gate and the grass there being covered.”

And the problem of dog owners picking up the mess but not disposing of the bags properly is also a concern.

James Baxter explained: “Seaton Road between Lethnot Road and Flairs Avenue is continually being fouled with dog mess.

“When dog owners do pick up the mess some of them then deposit the bags in the adjoining gardens.”

The Herald has now compiled a list of poo points of the worst affected streets and every week we want to warn people where to watch their feet.

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