Think before you jump

Following an incident at the Arbroath cliffs HM Coastguard are launching a fresh campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of tombstoning.

They advise people never to tombstone or pier-jump.

The Coastguard is continually working in partnership with other agencies like the RNLI and RoSPA to tackle this growing problem through educational initiatives and working with local authorities who have tombstoning blackspots in their area.

A HM Coastguard spokesperson said: “This activity is becoming increasingly popular and although we realise we can’t stop everyone who wants to participate in this activity, we urge people to use common sense and consider the advice on offer.”

Jumping from height into water is dangerous for an number of reasons:

• Be aware of the depth of the water. Remember tides go in and out very quickly – it may start off deep enough but can quickly become shallower

• Be aware of hazards in the water. Rocks, groynes or debris under the sea may not be visible through the surface

• Never jump from any object into the sea while under the influence of alcohol or peer pressure

• Consider the risk to others. Young children may be easily influenced by the behaviour they witness

Outdoor posters are available for use at danger spots such as promenades, harbours and piers.

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