The smart way to protect property

TAYSIDE Police is urging local farmers to get smart when it comes to protecting their property by using a simple yet effective property marking scheme.

The police and their partners within the Community Safety Partnership are offering the farming community the means to apply SmartWater, a liquid which contains a unique DNA style code in every container.

They invite local farmers to make their property “too hot to handle” for the criminal by taking advantage of the free crime reduction initiative.

As well as SmartWater, farmers are issued with signs and stickers which act as an initial deterrent to any would be thief or thieves.

Within the Angus area the police wish to reduce the opportunities for the criminal by offering the free service which not only acts as a deterrent but which is also feared by thieves.

SmartWater is very easy to apply using a supplied applicator. It is painted into nooks and crannies of the property concerned. It is also versatile and can be used on the vast majority of items of property. Once it dries it is virtually impossible to remove.

SmartWater is almost invisible to the naked eye. A small speck, the size of a full stop, is enough to identify the owner.

Police services and other agencies all over the UK routinely check property for SmartWater in a number of types of second hand businesses, including recovered stolen items.

It is a proven scheme that has reduced thefts in a number of areas such as house breaking, garden thefts, car crime, retail crime and rural crime within the UK.

Because the police regularly check for SmartWater and actively raise awareness of it, SmartWater is known throughout the criminal fraternity. Criminals will statistically avoid anything that bares the police logo and will not risk challenging the 100% conviction rate.

By displaying SmartWater deterrent stickers on your windows and doors you are sending out a powerful warning to any would-be thieves.

SmartWater is extremely robust and is able to withstand long term direct exposure to sunlight, however it cannot be used on animals, pets or livestock.

Those wishing to join the scheme are asked to contact Crime Prevention Officer Claire Taylor on (01307) 477477 or e-mail or Constable Scott Beattie on 0300 111 2222 or e-mail