The polls open in the local council election

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VOTERS in Angus are going to the polls today (Thursday) in the Scottish council elections.

Polling stations opened early this morning at 7 a.m. and will remain open until 10 p.m. tonight.

All of the seats on Angus Council are up for grabs and a total of 29 seats are available through the eight wards.

Counting doesn’t take place until tomorrow (Friday) but remember to log on back here then when we will have the very latest results on how the council is shaping up.

Across the county 85, 424 people are eligible to vote and there are hopes that there will be a good turnout at the 134 polling stations.

For this election, the council have issued 12, 676 postal votes to some of the electorate.

In terms of staff working across Angus for this election there are eight station inspectors, 132 presiding officers and 199 poll clerks.

And tomorrow there will be 50 staff on hand to count the votes, which for the this election uses the single transferable vote system.

This means instead of voting for a single candidate, you rank them in order of preference using numbers rather than an X.