The lights twinkle to life in Arbroath

A townload of festive cheer arrived in Arbroath High Street last Friday to celebrate the annual switch on of the Christmas tree lights.

The streets of the town centre were filled with the sound of carols as the community came together to sing and welcome the start of the Christmas season.

Speaking to the Arbroath Herald, Westminster PPC for Angus, Derek Wann commended the organisers: “I would like to thank Chic Grant and Rev. Martin Fair for their hard work and effort over the year to organise the Christmas light switch-on event last Friday.

“I’m sure everybody will agree that it was very festive and traditional and a credit to the town.

“The Arbroath Male Choir sang fantastically and the carol singing was a delight and enjoyed by all.

“I hope that more of the community will assist in next years event and rally around to help Chic and Martin and make it even more spectacular.”

Dionne Geddes, stepped up to the platform to help switch-on the lights surrounded by merriment from Arbroath’s talented