The ideal Retreat can be found at Glenesk

The Glenesk Retreat is surrounded by stunning scenery.
The Glenesk Retreat is surrounded by stunning scenery.

A recent Sunday drive up Glenesk was capped off with a lovely lunch at the Glenesk Retreat.

The drive allowed for some great scenic viewing and, once seated in the restaurant, my partner Ryan and I were able to view some stunning paintings and drawings inspired by the area.

Staff at the Retreat were incredibly attentive and friendly, and we were given the light lunch menu alongside the specials’ board to peruse while our drinks were served.

There were plenty of options on the light lunch menu, from burgers to baked potatoes, but as it was Sunday and there was a roast beef dinner on the menu, I felt it only appropriate to plump for a proper Sunday dinner.

Ryan opted for a beef burger with chips, which came served with homemade relish on the side and a generous salad. The burger patty was expertly cooked, the chips were lovely and chunky and both were eagerly demolished.

My roast beef came served with boiled potatoes, carrots, green beans, two Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy.

The slice of roast beef was extremely generous, and I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I was given.

The meat was wonderfully tender and was covered in some of the nicest gravy I’ve eaten.

There is rarely a time when I don’t enjoy a Yorkshire pudding, and the ones on this roast were saved until the end so I could use them to mop up the rest of the gravy.

Although both quite full after our mains, I was determined to have dessert.

Ryan opted for a lighter option of a scone from the home baking selection and he wasn’t disappointed by the size - it was almost the same size as the plate it was served on. The scone came with butter and jam.

I had the choice of cream, custard or ice cream with my sticky toffee pudding, and opted for ice cream. The portion size was again very generous, and you could tell it was homemade. The sponge was light, and the sauce was amazing. The scoop of ice cream helped stop the dish from being too sickly sweet, and I happily polished off the lot.

There is always the option of walking your meal off with a stroll around the Folk Museum after - which is a treasure trove of interesting artefacts.