The human cost of council cuts

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A reader has aired concerns that cuts to the Meals on Wheels service are going to adversely affect his Alzheimer’s affected father.

On Monday Angus Council’s planned reduction in the Meals On Wheels scheme for elderly and vulnerable people took effect, reducing the two hot meals a day to one hot meal and a sandwich.

Graham Mitchell is concerned that the cuts, which will save the authority around £400,000 per year, will have a damaging effect on his father.

He said: “My father has Alzheimer’s and relies on his one hot meal in the evening from community meals as he is out all day and is not going to be in the house to receive his lunchtime sandwich which is what he has been offered.

“Alzheimer’s is a repetitive daily routine and to try to get someone with Alzheimer’s to change that routine is mighty impossible. My father is only a blip in this system and there are many others in similar circumstances.”

He continued: “Tell me how my father is going to get a hot meal every day?

“Maybe someone from the council office in Forfar can come and train my 
father to stay at home every lunchtime?

“Why can’t the council find ways of making money for a change, rather than cut cut cut? I would like to see some action from the council on these comments.

“But as per usual they will shy away from it, which means my father just has to starve, this cannot be right and something must be done.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We understand the concerns 
raised by this gentleman and we are keen to discuss this issue with him.

“We would ask him to contact the ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”