The future is green for maltings

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An Arbroath maltings plant is hoping to use its continuing emphasis on green energy to cut costs and help safeguard local jobs.

Bairds Malt Ltd is in the process of putting together a proposal to build a medium-sized single wind turbine on their industrial premises on the Elliott Industrial Estate.

The proposal is part of the firm’s commitment to green energy, efficiency and investment in Arbroath and the wider Angus area.

Set in an unused area in the south west corner of the site it will be partially screened by existing industrial buildings and as the plant is constantly operating noise monitoring carried out by Bairds indicates that there will be no additional noise pollution.

Bairds’ energy bill is around £3.5 million per year and with the turbine generating the equivalent of 500 homes’ annual energy consumption the firm hopes to save a third of their energy costs.

If given the go-ahead the project will be carried out by Tayside firm Kilmac Construction Ltd. Development director Derek Ross specialises in energy solutions.

He said: “It’s really something that’s going to make a tremendous impact on the plant’s energy consumption.

“We’ve looked at various other forms of green energy such as solar power but we don’t have the necessary footprint on site. This is a £1.6 million investment which is big for the company and the turbine has a 20 year operational life cycle.”

Production and technical director for Bairds Malt Ltd, Dr Richard Broadbent, hopes the company’s continued use of renewable energy will ensure the long-term viability of the plant and workforce.

He said: “If this comes off it will be a massive investment not only for the company but for Arbroath in terms of jobs and for our 230 farming clients in Angus.

“Bairds Malt is proud to be based in Arbroath and the contribution that we make to the local economy. Angus has been very good to us, especially as it is home to some of the finest quality cereal farms in the UK.

“We are the early stages of our proposal for a single turbine for Bairds Malt, which would bring significant benefits to Bairds Malt and substantially help the sustainability of our business in Arbroath.”

There will be an open day on-site between 3 and 7 p.m. for the public to find out more about the proposal. Dr Broadbent said: “We want to hear from residents before we submit a planning application and would welcome residents to visit Bairds Malt to learn more about our proposals.”