The Caledonia Golf Club

The Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club.
The Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club.

With a stirring view over Carnoustie’s world-famous golf courses the Caledonia Golf Club is a popular spot.

One of the elder clubs in the town, it was formed in 1887 with just 30 members and had the single-storey clubhouse built two years later.

Its design is the result of caution on the part of the investors, if the club failed it was intended to sell the clubhouse as a villa to recoup their losses.

By the end of construction the club’s membership had grown to more than 100.

It is thought that in 1927 member Alexander Cant devised and introduced the handicap system which would evolve into the system used today.

A celebrated moment in the club’s history is the visit by a quartet of famous golfers in 1898, Harry Vardon, J.H. Taylor, Sandy Herd and James Braid.