The big freeze returns

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IT LOOKS as though Arbroath and the surrounding areas will be celebrating a White Christmas this year after the return of severe wintry weather.

More snow on Saturday night and Sunday again made travelling around the town tricky and treacherous in landward areas, Carnoustie and Monifieth.

The area had just began to return to normal after the big freeze first started to bite at the beginning of the month, but heavy snow and plummeting temperatures have brought new problems.

And with temperatures set to remain around freezing and no thaw in sight, the snow looks set to linger until the New Year.

Police are still warning motorists to take “extreme care” on the roads and adapt their driving to the conditions.

Angus Council has also been working hard to ensure roads and pavements are kept as clear as possible and say they have 4,000 tonnes of salt on order to treat surfaces.

This is in addition to the 8,400 tonnes that have already been used and the 5,300 tonnes that is in stock.

They added that they are continuing to prioritise gritting operations to keep routes clear to make sure Angus keeps moving.

Council leader Bob Myles also explained that the council is preparing for the wintry conditions and that all resources would be in place to do this.

He said: “The council is preparing for the increasingly severe weather being forecast, ensuring that we have appropriate transport and supplies in place for essential services; that grit bins have been replenished for residents use; and that all necessary staff are available to treat the roads network.”

And he asked that residents also do their bit and warned drivers to be cautious during the continued cold snap.

He added: “We would ask people to prepare for the adverse weather expected and to take care if out and about in the next few days when particularly icy conditions are forecast.

“Wherever possible, drivers should use main routes which are likely to have been treated – however they are reminded that even treated roads may be prone to icing, as salt is less effective when there is intermittent rainfall or when temperatures fall below -5ºC.”

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