The Bell Rock to star in new BBC documentary

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THE BELL Rock Lighthouse is set to become a star of the small screen as it takes centre stage in a new BBC documentary - exactly 200 years after it was first lit.

‘The Lighthouse Stevensons’ is based on the book by author Bella Bathurst and will take viewers on a trip around the coast of Scotland at some of its most iconic lighthouse landmarks.

Documenting the lives and works of the Stevenson family from the late 1700s to the early 1900s the programme will show how they pioneered the building of lighthouses across Scotland.

The Stevensons built lighthouses on some of the most inaccessible outcrops of Scotland imaginable - including the Bell Rock Lighthouse which was created before the age of steam on a rock that was submerged for much of the day.

Stunning aerial photography of many of the locations discussed in the programme highlight how difficult it would have been to build these lighthouses.

The programme will also give viewers an insight into the world of lighthouse-keeping and the strains it could have on family life.

It will also show the progression that has been made from the days of the lighthouse keepers to the current use of automation.

Other lighthouses to be showcased are Mull of Kintyre, Start Point on Sanday in Orkney, Skerryvore Lighthouse off Tiree, Muckle Flugga north of Shetland, Dhu Heartach west of Mull, Monach Isles light off North Uist and Kinnaird Head which was the first lighthouse built in Scotland and is now the home of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. The programme will be aired on Tuesday, February 1, at 9 p.m. on BBC Two Scotland.