The Arbroath Footers

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The greatest fear of joining a new running club, bar the physical exertion, is the unknown.

Arriving at the Arbroath Footers club dispels every single one of those niggling fears.

Welcomed with a warm embrace and heaps of encouragement, the folks at the Arbroath Footers running club, instantly put you at ease.

I was first told: “We want to run and that’s it!” However after a few minutes chatting to long term members and new runners alike, it is apparent there is a lot more to the club than just the running.

Members pride themselves on welcoming new people as well as creating a social calendar that carries numerous events throughout the year. “People are always nervous but there’s nothing to worry about, it is meant to be fun and nobody cares how fast or slow you run,” said member and ‘Couch to 5k’ organiser, Mary Towns. Kelly Bennett started with the couch to 5k, aimed at people who have never run before. She said: “There is nothing to be intimidated about. Everybody is different, all shapes and mixed abilities, I feel so much better for doing it.”

Started in 1987 the club is also great for the more experienced runner and if you are new to the area it is the perfect way to meet people and find new routes.

I can’t emphasise the friendly angle enough, within minutes of meeting everyone, I felt totally at ease and would happily have joined them on their evening run, even as a beginner myself.