The Accelerators star at Coast tonight

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THE ACCELERATORS, a 1950s style Americana / Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, is the main attraction at The Coast, 4 Gravesend, Arbroath, tonight (Friday) from 10 p.m. Entry is free.

The Accelerators have been performing for 16 years, consistently turning out a high standard of self-written material and stunning live performances. This has ultimately resulted in invitations to play more gigs on the UK music scene and airtime on Radio Scotland, Radio 2 and independent stations up and down the country while earning many plaudits along the way.

They released their fourth album nine months ago and recently changed the line-up, bringing in a new bass player and drummer, but they still have the original singer and guitarist.

The band comprises Steve Smith, lead singer and rhythm guitar; Dave Burnette, lead guitar; Gavin Brightwell, bass; and John McKenzie, drums.