Teresa has a personal mission

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The new event vice chair for the Arbroath Relay For Life has a personal reason for getting involved.

Teresa Hamlet is one of a number of new recruits to the committee this year and her late grandmother was her inspiration to take part.

She said: “My earliest memory of cancer is of my maternal grandmother. Her usual bright demeanour was replaced with one of sadness and fear. Being only nine years old myself, I never fully understood the seriousness of the situation, until the fateful day came when each grandchild was taken to visit her sick bed, one by one. Little did we know that she would be taken that night.

“Back in those days, our parents never mentioned the ‘C Word’ to us. Perhaps it was borne from protecting the children; perhaps it was naivety, a lack of knowledge of how it would devastate our family. One after another, uncles, aunts, and family friends all succumbed to this terrible disease.

“Nowadays, everyone knows the “C” word and it seems almost as though every person you meet has some experience of losing a loved one to cancer. Only a couple of months ago a very close family friend passed unexpectedly. Since his death, I have felt driven to get involved in the fight against Cancer and the Relay for Life has given me the opportunity. It has given me the opportunity to meet new friends, get involved in our Community and get off the sofa and do something constructive.”

The Arbroath Relay for Life is not just about fundraising, but our community sticking together and supporting each other. If you would like to show your support, why not enter a team? You can register on the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life website. To get involved contact Relay Chair Ian Angus 07928521030 or email team chair John Crompton at bigjc17@hotmail.com