Tartan teddies creating a stir

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According to the designer of Arbroath’s two tartan teddies they have taken on a life of their own and are making him reassess his plans.

Steven Patrick Sim, the designer of the Red Lichtie and Bell Rock tartans and most recently the limited edition teddy bears Angus McLichtie and Belle McRock, says his creations have come alive in ways he had not expected.

He explained: “People are ordering bears for their sons and daughters as keepsakes and for unborn grandchildren! It seems the teddies have struck a chord with people’s emotions.

They are revealing their devotion to the town. And the fact that I’ve created an ongoing story line which I reveal in a series of fictional newspaper articles called ‘The Teddy Times’.

“In fact, people are even suggesting Angus and Belle get together, and get married, with potential ‘teddy cubs’ coming along. People want to name the cub. It’s been suggested the Arbroath bears are becoming some sort of furry soap opera for the town!”

Steven initially launched the Angus McLichtie bear as a means to raise capital to start up a kilt hire service which would offer Red Lichtie tartan hire. According to him the response has been heartening.

He said: “Since the Herald story two weeks ago the bears have been selling unbelievably fast. People are really rallying round to support the fund raising for Red Lichtie kilt hire. In the two weeks over a quarter of the bears have been pre-ordered!”

The success of the teddies could also see his original plans expand. He said: “The Bell Rock is proving to be another tartan to unite the town. So much so that I would like to work towards kilt hire in both Red Lichtie and Bell Rock. So I also launched the Bell Rock Teddy. Again with proceeds of sales being re-invested into the fund for Red Lichtie kilt hire, so I don’t intend to make a profit from the sales.”