Tartan honours legacy

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With Scotland taking centre stage globally an Arbroath artist has created a special tartan he hopes will mark the occasion.

‘The Declaration’ tartan was created by Steven Patrick Sim, a designer who has over the last two years put together an impressive portfolio of tartans, including the Red Lichtie and the Bell Rock.

Through the medium of tartan Steven has woven a fabric history of Scotland, with each line and thread carrying some symbolic meaning.

The predominant colour pairings of red and gold and also of blue and white represent the Lion Rampant and Saltire respectively, the banners of Scotland.

Contained in the pattern is the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider; as well as the date of the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320; and more recently Tartan Day 2014 the date on which Steven created the design.

Since he teased the design on Facebook it has been shared around 700 times, liked over 1,500 times and has reached an estimated 95,000 people.

Steven said: “Since I posted it online, without a title or a description or anything to give it away, people have been going crazy for it.

“I’ve had inquiries from all over the world and I think that this could be huge.

“This tartan is not about the Yes or the No campaigns, it has no political angle, it is about being Scottish and proud of being Scottish and our history. It is about being inclusive, not divisive. Passions are running high in Scotland and I hope that the Declaration can bring us all closer together.”

Steven’s design is currently in the process of being registered and he hopes to have it ratified on November 30 to mark St Andrew’s Day.

You can read all about The Declaration tartan as well as Steven’s other projects by searching for The Tartan Artisan on Facebook.