Take up the Six Book Challenge

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ANGUSalive has come up with a cunning challenge to get people reading more this winter.

If you want to pick up a book but cannot seem to find the time, want to try a different genre, or simply want to get better at reading then ANGUSalive’s Six Book Challenge is just what you are looking for.

ANGUSalive’s libraries team has developed the Six Book Challenge that was first created by The Reading Agency. It throws down the literary gauntlet to avid and wannabe readers throughout Angus to pick up a book, then another and then another etc. and see their reading ability and enjoyment flourish.

To support the idea of exercising the healthy mind and active, healthy, creative lifestyles the free reading challenge will be held through the Mobile Library Service at Arbroath Leisure Centre on the first Friday of every month (from 10am-2pm) from November 4, through to May 5.

ANGUSalive driver Andy McPhee took full advantage of the reading event when it was held previously. He said: “I took part in the Six Book Challenge last year on the Mobile Library and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been reading ever since!

“Library staff introduced me to lots of authors and exciting titles and now I always look forward to requesting and reading the new titles by my favourite authors, such as James Oswald, Lin Anderson and Alex Gray. I would heartily recommend the challenge to everyone.”

The challenge sets out to nurture people who might not be confident readers and see their reading ability and enjoyment improve.

Research shows that when we read for pleasure, we benefit from greater opportunities in everyday life, education and employment. The Six Book Challenge supports adults by changing their perception of reading, opening up opportunities and building confidence.

There are also some fun freebies to be had when people sign up and a certificate for everyone who completes the challenge.

The mobile libraries have a plentiful and diverse reading stock. Readers can come and browse and the trained staff are on hand to offers help, suggestions and to seek out requested titles.

Hopefully, challengers will be bitten by the book bug and become regulars at ANGUSalive’s libraries across Angus. If you have not visited for a while, you will find out that things have changed, with coffee available as well as free wi-fi services.

There are also e-reading and online reference services, including e-books and audio books.

Library members can borrow titles via OneClickDigital and through platform Zinio, which gives access to the latest e-magazines such as Men’s Health, New Scientist, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Fiona Dakers, ANGUSalive’s senior manager for Libraries, Customer & Culture, said: “We love the Six Book Challenge. It’s proven to reignite adult readers with their passion for literature, and to encourage folk who want to improve their reading give themselves a push.

“Whether people find pleasure in a cook book, or the latest crime thriller, or a celebrity autobiography, the Six Book Challenge encourages participants to develop their reading skills and grow their imaginations. Who knows where this will take you!

“Having the mobile library stationed at the Arbroath Sports Centre will let people who may not have used a library for many years discover the vast choice of new and exciting reads available to them throughout Angus.”

The Six Book Challenge is on the first Friday of every month from November 4, at Arbroath Leisure Centre, Keptie Road, DD11 3EW, (01241) 438190/438191. Other dates to follow are December 2, January 6, February 3, March 3, April 7, and May 5.