Tablers’ activities

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IT HAS been a busy summer for members of Arbroath Round Table (ART) with ToonFest at its centre as well as a few other items of business and pleasure.

They kicked off the summer with a donation of £300 to help send Adam Watson and his family to Indianapolis to a specialist conference on his very rare condition GLUT-1 Transporter Deficiency Syndrome.

Chairman Malcolm Scott said: “Being Round Tablers though, we didn’t just stop there as we have many friends around the world in clubs similar to ours and we put Adam’s mum Stefanie in touch with a good friend of Arbroath Round Table called Trena Goble Roudebush who was also National President of the Active 20-30 Club and hails from Indianapolis to see how we could help the family beyond the financial side of things.”

On another worldwide theme, Arbroath Round Table members Jamie Buchan and Bob Dickson will be flying out to Hyderabad, India, at the end of September to the annual Round Table International Conference. Arbroath Round Table also had the pleasure of teaming up with Alan Soutar to fund the Angus Darts Academy’s Youth Singles Tournament for the next three years. The inaugural competition was held on Sunday, July 22.

Tablers then moved on to the inaugural ToonFest. Over 450 people enjoyed the event and helped to raise the magnificent sum of £5,800.

Vice-chairman Jamie Buchan said: “We will develop ToonFest for 2013 when it will likely become a ‘winter’ event rather than a summer one.”

The last social before the programme of meetings resumes in September was a family day out to the River Tummel on Saturday when several members, their wives and children went ‘River Bugging’ in an inflatable chair down rapids and waterfalls.

James Easton, who co-ordinates activities, commented: “A fantastic experience was had by all.”

The chairman and the rest of the ART lads are keen to welcome folk along to find out more about what being a Tabler is all about.

He explained: “Being a member of Arbroath Round Table is an amazing thing. Although Round Table is a men’s organisation for those aged 18 and over we have many events at which our families and the public are included. Being a member is good for anyone but especially those who are new to the area, want to meet a great bunch of guys and have an instant social network whilst giving something back to the community.

“Call us on 07932 008191 and we’ll let you know more. “

Jamie Buchan concluded: “With a highly successful ToonFest under our belts we have refilled the kitty and would welcome enquiries from people of Arbroath and the surrounding area to support their group, cause or charitable endeavour as we now seek to disburse the monies raised.

“Applications can be made in writing to Arbroath Round Table, PO BOX 6580, Arbroath, DD11 5SP, or by e-mail to