Switch on turned off!

No crowns will celebrate this year.
No crowns will celebrate this year.

Arbroath is set to be one of the only towns in Angus without an official Christmas lights switch on this year.

For the past two years a festive extravaganza has taken place in the High Street and Kirk Square, with thousands gathering to see seasonal lights lit up.

But in the week ahead when other Angus towns, including Carnoustie, Monifieth, Brechin and Forfar, will all be celebrating the impending Christmas season with special events, Arbroath’s lights will come on without the crowds.

The past two switch on events have been organised by Councillor David Fairweather, who along with Arbroath Events, brought an evening of Christmas cheer to the town.

However with Arbroath Events retiring, Councillor Fairweather made the decision at the start of the year to hand the baton of organisation over to other community groups.

But as he explained nobody was willing to take over the role, meaning there is no event this year.

He explained: “People just expect these things to happen but it is voluntary groups that organise these events so the council is not to blame.

“It was thought that some community groups would have picked it up and I said I would be willing to give them a hand regarding some of the details of going about it.

“But very disappointingly nobody has come forward.

“The lights in the High Street will light up on December 6 but there will be no razzamatazz or extravaganza to go with it.”

It was thought an event for this year was on the horizon when an Angus Council report on Christmas light provision said there was some interest in organising a switch on event.

But Councillor Fairweather added it is a real shame that an event hasn’t come off.

He said: “There has been a switch on event for five of the last seven years, which myself and Arbroath Events have organised.

“Organising these events is very stressful and it does take a lot of hard work.

“But nobody wanted to take the responsibility and I feel that is a real shame.”