Sweet tweets arrive at HOPE garden

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Arbroath organic produce garden at Hospitalfield will soon be alive with the sound of bird song following the donation of bird boxes from the Angus and Dundee Bird Club (ADBC).

The club has set up the new boxes around the treeline of HOPE Gardens to encourage children with learning disabilities to engage with nature in the local area.

Mickey Mellon, outdoor organiser for the ADBC, said: “We are always looking for something to do for the kids.

“Following a meeting to discuss ideas I spoke to garden manager Richard Bruce, who agreed we should start work as soon as possible.”

Alex Shepherd, also a member of the ADBC, volunteered to help set up the bird boxes.

Mr Mellon said that he hoped that interest in the scheme would increase over the course of the next few months and continue into the future.

While making regular visits to HOPE, he aims to return in October to clean out the bird boxes, reline them with straw and see what birds have nestled down and settled in the boxes.

Mr Mellon said: “The ADBC wanted to distribute the boxes to HOPE to reach out and help children with learning disabilities.

“It gives the children the opportunity to say ‘I didn’t go to school, instead I went here and had a great time.”

Mr Mellon added: “I have been coming here for 20 years and in that time I’ve watched this place grow up along with me.

“It’s changed so much over the years and has turned into an area that everyone can be proud of.”