Survey on future of Seaton Park

A SURVEY of residents living in the Cliffburn and Hayshead area on the future of the former football pitch leased by Arbroath SC is to be undertaken by The Association of Residents of Cliffburn and Hayshead (ARCH).

Since the demise of the junior club, Seaton Park has remained unused and while the land is still owned by Angus Council education department it has expressed a willingness to sell it to another council department.

Margot Reilly, the association chair, explained: “We have been given a sketch plan by Angus Council showing how the park would look if there were 40 houses built on it. There would also remain an element of green space which might be able to be used for sporting activity.

“Although there are no definite plans and any questions would be hypothetical at this stage, we are very keen to find out the views of the community.” She continued: In previous surveys, the community has told us that they would like to see some form of community facility in the area. We are at present conducting a feasibility study into whether or not a community hub would be a viable and sustainable option.

“The construction of a community hub and the sustainability would require a large sum of money, some of which we would hope to get from major funding bodies.

“However, we have been told that, if there were houses built in the park, there might be some form of financial benefit to the community. This might help the community achieve what it has asked for in the past and in a survey undertaken last October.”

Margot concluded: “In the next week or so we will be sending out a newsletter to our members that will show the sketch plan along with a survey form and reply paid envelope.

“We really want to know what our residents and members think about the possibility of building houses in Seaton Park that might provide financial benefit for the community and also we want to ask what else they could suggest for the future use of the park.

“Angus Council officials want to know what the community’s views are and we need to accurately reflect these. The more replies and comments we receive, the more we will be able to do this. Therefore, I would encourage people to complete the survey and return it to us.

“They can post it back to us using the reply paid envelope if this is the most suitable way, or they can hand it in to our office, The Cliffburn and Hayshead Community Office, which is based at 8 Mayfield Terrace. If people cannot hand it in during the day they can post it through our letterbox. They can also leave comments on our Facebook page which is