Surprise ‘Reunion’ stuns shoppers

Carnoustie Musical Society took their show on the road at the weekend to give Dundee shoppers a wee surprise.

Ahead of their Scottish premiere of ‘The Reunion’ which opens next week, the intrepid souls at CMS engaged in a bit of stealth promotion and held a flashmob in the Overgate Shopping Centre on Saturday.

It was a regular, busy afternoon at the Overgate when out of the crowds two young women sauntered out of the bustle and began to dance as music from ‘The Reunion’ pumped out. As the dance continued more and more people were ‘pulled’ out of the crowd and the gang, all CMS cast members, busted some moves and belted out a medley of tunes from the show.

Confusion amongst shoppers turned into delight once they realised what was going on and many stopped to watch the surprise rendition.

After a frantic few minutes of high energy performing the group of around a dozen melted back into the crowd to a ripple of applause and high fives and like every good flashmob the day continued as normal.

The flashmob was the brainchild of Kerry Mitchell, who plays female lead Debbie. She said: “We’ve wanted to do a big flashmob at CMS for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to drum up support for ‘The Reunion’ at the same time. It was really exciting sneaking about, and the looks on people’s faces when we started were absolutely worth it.

“We were a bit nervous before we started, but all those months of rehearsals really paid off and we all got right into it. Our production of ‘The Reunion’ is a Scottish premiere for a very exciting new show and we wanted to do absolutely everything we could to make it a success, we hope you all will come along and see it next week!”

Tickets are available for ‘The Reunion’, priced £9 or £8 concession, and can be purchased at the Fobel Shop, or from the Ticket Source box office on 0333 666 3366 or Please note fees are applicable booking online and by telephone. The Show runs from Tuesday, March 10 to Friday, March 13, with curtains up at 7.30 p.m. in the Carnoustie High School theatre.