Sun shines on RNLI ladies and their work

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A trio of ladies are to be recognised this summer for their dedicated support to the Arbroath lifeboat and the RNLI.

At the RNLI General Meeting in Perth on June 11, Joyce Cook, Cynthia Lyon and Kathleen Hughes’ hard work for the Arbroath Ladies’ Lifeboat Guild will be celebrated.

Joyce started with the Friockheim fund-raising team in 2006 and took over its organisation in 2008 and organises and collects for the guild’s annual Flag Week, and in that time has raised £3,082.

Cynthia has been the driving force behind the Abbeygate car boot sales for the last 24 years and started collecting for Arbroath RNLI in 2010, raising a total of £4,522.52.

Both will receive commemorative Thank You certificates from the RNLI.

Kathleen joined the guild in 1999 and since 2003 has been the Annual Flag Week secretary, which is a mammoth task to organise collection throughout the area, and is still a huge task even though door-to-door collections have been replaced with street and supermarket collections. She is also a member of the Ladies’ Dinner sub committee and brings her expertise to the planning of the evening. For this Kath is being awarded a Silver Badge in recognition of her services to the RNLI in Arbroath.

Flag Week this year runs from June 22 to June 27. Cynthia wishes to remind everyone the car boot sales resume on Sunday and run to October.