Suicide prevention network

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A Community Support Network to help people who have a family member with suicidal thoughts was launched on Friday.

The service is run by The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) in partnership with Choose Life Angus.

It underlines the charity’s recent Two Two Many campaign, which highlighted the fact that two people die by suicide every day in Scotland. Angus Council is funding the project which will be delivered by SAMH.

Sandra Ramsay, who lost her son to suicide in February, launched the Angus Community Support Network.

She commented: “SAMH’s new Angus Community Support Network will provide the level of expertise, help and support which is indispensable for those who have a person in their lives affected by suicide.

“There can be no doubt that coping with a loved one who has suicidal thoughts is stressful. SAMH has identified that parents, friends and carers of suicidal people, of any age, require support to continue in their caring role. Family and carers need information, a listening ear and support which is appropriate for them. This can be in the form of one to one meetings or within a group setting. I applaud SAMH and Choose Life Angus for taking the lead in this field.”

Angus Council’s spokesperson for social work and health Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “Angus Council, through the Suicide Prevention Collaborative, has been working with its partners within the public and voluntary sector to tackle the issue of suicide across the county.

“Working with our partners in Police Scotland, we identified that a high percentage of people who were calling the police in distress were then being left in the care of the family or friends, who struggled to know how to appropriately help and support their loved one.

“This service will fill this gap, and provide much needed support and information to those people affected by suicide across Angus. We look forward to working in partnership with SAMH to take forward this very worthwhile project.”