Students stage true story at The Space

D & A College acting and performance students in rehearsal for 'The Laramie Project'.
D & A College acting and performance students in rehearsal for 'The Laramie Project'.

D&A College acting and performance students are presenting the true tale of the brutal murder of a young gay man and the effect this harrowing event had on the Wyoming community in which the crime was committed.

In 1998, Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, of New York, visited the town of Laramie, Wyoming, five weeks after the murder of Matthew Shepard and over the course of a year interviewed about 200 residents.

The resultant play, ‘The Laramie Project’, tells the story, using verbatim accounts, of the town in the wake of the hate crime.

A group of 16 HND acting and performance students, are portraying more than 60 characters in the three-act play which, since its premiere in 2002, has been performed all over the world in a bid to combat prejudice.

This is an ensemble piece with all of the players on stage at The Space at Kingsway Campus all of the time.

“The words in the play are verbatim and at times the attitudes expressed are very, very frightening,” said lecturer Jennifer McGregor who is directing the piece.

“However, there are also statements which are life-affirming and the students have been able to magnify the positive message with the use of music, particularly some acappella singing by Lucy Greenaway.

“Due to the gravity of the subject matter we advise that this play is suitable for age 15 and upwards.”

The students have created an exhibition displaying their research on the original crime.

‘The Laramie Project’ opened at The Space on Wednesday, April 30 and runs until Friday, May 2.

Curtain up 7.30 p.m.; tickets are free at the door half an hour before the performance.