Still battling the big freeze

Wilma Lennox sent us this lovely picture looking over the Arbroath High School playing fields.
Wilma Lennox sent us this lovely picture looking over the Arbroath High School playing fields.

FORECASTERS are predicting that Arbroath may be over its spell of severe wintry weather after another week of the big freeze.

Temperatures barely rose above freezing and dropped as low as -10 degrees C on Monday night, but it is hoped today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) will see some thawing of the snow.

But with the slight increase in temperatures, warnings are now being issued about the dangers of icicles, which are starting to form on houses and other buildings.

And with the thaw, there is the danger that these icicles and snow from roofs may fall and Tayside Police are urging people to be careful, especially when walking next to buildings.

Angus Council, in partnership with Tayside Fire and Rescue, also warned of the dangers of falling icicles and said it is the legal responsibility of homeowners to remove them when it is safe to do so.

On Monday most schools in the area were open as normal with only rural schools having to close their doors again.

Angus Council also said that even during the atrocious weather last week, most front line services continued to be delivered thanks to dedicated staff who battled the winter elements.

From co-ordinating a huge fleet of snow clearing vehicles, delivering community meals, or managing information about school closures, staff continued to maintain services in extreme conditions.

And by Tuesday, all council offices and other services were starting to return to normal.

All elective, planned and outpatient appointments at hospitals in the area were all going ahead as planned from Monday and main roads throughout the town remained clear to traffic.

However, train services from Arbroath both to the north and south were still erratic with some services experiencing long delays or last minute cancellations.

But despite the testing conditions, many residents in Arbroath have done their bit to keep the town moving by helping to clear snow and ice from paths and roads from around their homes.

And Councillor David Fairweather says he has been impressed with the town’s “community spirit”.

He told the Herald: “This is probably the worst snow we have seen here in Arbroath for more than 10 years but the amount of people that have been willing to help clear the snow from pavements and shop doorways has been fantastic.

“And it is this sort of community spirit that we have to keep up as the cold snap continues.

“I also have to commend council workers and other staff who have worked day and night to keep the main roads clear as they have worked phenomenally hard.

“We have to congratulate them all for their work as they have done a fantastic job.”

However, forecasters predict even though conditions are improving the cold snap could last throughout the month and into the new year.