Special cake sees John ‘Herald’ in his 70th birthday

Arbroath Herald in icing
Arbroath Herald in icing

When Arbroath man John Sibbit was given a copy of his local paper last week little did he know it would double up as a tasty treat!

For the ‘copy’ of the Arbroath Herald he was given was in fact made from icing and was part of an Arbroath themed birthday cake made especially for his 70th birthday.

The cake was made by his daughter-in-law Mary Sibbit, who runs her own cake making business, Mary Queen of Cupcakes.

And with Mary wanting to do something special for her father-in-law she came up with making him and Arbroath themed cake complete with an Arbroath Herald.

Mary explained: “He was born and bred in Arbroath and has links to fishing and the Bell Rock so when I was thinking of something to make I came up with putting together all the elements of the town.

“And I thought I would make a wee Arbroath Herald as it is the local paper and he buys it every single week and then sends it on to relatives down south.

“When we presented him with the cake, he was delighted when he saw it.”

Mary only started making cakes in July 2011 and has taught herself how to make bespoke cakes for all kind of celebrations.

She added: “I didn’t really find it difficult to make although it was quite time consuming. To make the Herald, I had a picture of him so I printed it onto icing using a special printer and then using a copy of the paper just copied the masthead by hand.

“I absolutely love what I do even though I’ve had no official training.”