“Something needs to be done” urge scammed couple

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An Arbroath couple has renewed their plea for other people hit by rogue traders Calibre Kitchens to come forward and prevent it happening again.

It follows on from last week’s story in the Herald about Jim and Doreen Paton who were fleeced out of more than £13,000 for a sub-standard kitchen from the now defunct kitchen fitting firm based on North Grimsby.

At the time of going to print at least three local tradesmen, including RJS Kitchens, CNG Design and Colin Ogilvie, had come forward to offer their assistance in fixing the debacle.

Their worst fears were confirmed when Dave Leitch from RJS Kitchens informed them this week that Calibre Kitchens had left them with something worth only £8,000, just under two thirds of what they actually paid.

Mrs Paton said: “He told us a few home truths that I didn’t like, but I had to hear it I suppose.

“I can’t imagine how somebody can be that nasty, especially after seeing the showroom and everything. It was our first new kitchen and we got kind of a shock getting ripped off by cowboys.”

Although reassured by the response from local businesses, the Patons are more concerned about stopping other families from being ripped off.

Mrs Paton said: “I wasn’t expecting people to come forward.

“All in all it’s not good. We’re nearly six months from when the kitchen was ripped out in September and we’re into February. I’ll be glad to see the back of it and have a fully working kitchen.”

It is thought that Mr Stuart Archer, from Calibre Kitchens, has set up a new business in Dundee, and the Patons plan to take their concerns to politicians.

Mr Paton, who was made jobless following the collapse of JM Henderson, added: “I’m just wanting people to come forward about it, that’s why we did it, not as a sob story to get a new kitchen but so that other people don’t get caught out by this lot.

“Something needs to be done with the law. If we can get enough people coming forward to complain about them we might be able get something done about it. The more we can do now the more chance we have of stopping people like them. If I can finish them I’ll be happy.”