Slugs problem plagues family

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A FAMILY which is suffering from a plague of slugs in the kitchen is less than happy with Angus Council’s approach to the problem.

Mrs Louise McCagh, Bruce Road, her husband William (36) and children William (13), Josh (11), Jemma (9) and Marshall (6) wake up every morning to silvery trails left by the pests all across their kitchen floor and worktops.

And the final straw came one day when Mrs McCagh was pouring a bowl of cornflakes and a slug fell from the box into the plate.

She revealed: “I have complained about the problem to Angus Council housing department but they say it is nothing to do with them and I can get an exterminator in for a fee of about £25.

“But I don’t see why I should pay £25 when they will just come back.

“The problem is that there is no skirting board in the bottom of the cupboards and some of the plaster is cracked. The slugs are coming through the cracks from the garden.

“If I should pay £25 to get rid of them, there is no guarantee that will solve the problem without repairs being done to close off the way they come in through the wall.

“Unfortunately, there is a lack of cupboard space in the kitchen so I have to keep using the cupboard where the slugs come in.”

Mrs McCagh said that they had a similar problem in the living room but when they purchased a new carpet they blocked off all the holes and have not seen a slug in the living room since.

She went on: “My husband was seriously injured in a bad car accident in 2004 and is now registered disabled. He has to get up early in the morning to take medication and often comes across four or five slugs in the kitchen. It certainly is not hygienic!

“Also, my oldest son and the youngest suffer from asthma, as do I, and I am pregnant so we need to get the matter resolved.”

A council spokesperson said: “In circumstances such as this the council will only make a decision on any action to be taken after the property has been inspected.”