Slipway slides to new site at Inchcape Park

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ARBROATH harbour users no doubt breathed a sigh of relief last week after hearing the decision of Angus Council on the new slipway debate.

On Wednesday night members voted unanimously on costing the redevelopment of the existing slipway at Inchcape Park, ending weeks of fraught debate.

The planned development would see the Inchcape slipway extended to 50 metres and reach above the high water level.

And it is hoped that this development will ameliorate some of the difficulties that had been envisaged with a public slipway in the midst of a busy working harbour.

Councillor Donald Morrison welcomed the decision, commenting: “Everyone agrees Arbroath should have a public slipway to encourage more visitors to the burgh and all eight Arbroath councillors have agreed to press ahead with investigations for a slipway at Inchcape Park, an idea first mooted by harbour users and Councillor Bob Spink a couple of years ago.”

Councillor David Fairweather agreed with that assessment adding: “This site was identified up to eight years ago by a former chair of the small boats committee, but this was dismissed by the then SNP administration.

“After a first consultation that a manned slip was not viable and the subsequent refusal of our second option at the public slipway has led the Alliance to look at a third option at Inchcape Park.

“Costings will be relevant but if it is possible, every effort will be made to secure funding for the project.”

Councillor Morrison added: “If half a million pounds can be found for a new playpark at West Links to encourage more visitors then the cost to build a public slipway to further enhance tourism to the town can surely also be found.

“It seems only the right motivation is all that is required.”