Skate park project rolling along nicely

THE ARBROATH Skate park project has reached a vital stage in its development.

Earlier this month the guiding committee of the Arbroath Skate Park Club (ASP) took possession of the finished design for their proposed park from skate park designers Gravity.

The plan has now reached an important milestone in that not only has a significant chunk of the projected £160,000 budget already been sourced, but having a completed design will give them something concrete to help drum up support in the community as well as attract further investment.

Chair of ASP Jillian Low was excited by the development. She said: “It is definitely an important step. Without a design and without a costed design we can’t apply for funding. You can’t get funding for an idea, you have to apply for something that’s going to happen.”

Design firm Gravity was employed by the club on a purely consultative and design-phase only brief and now Jillian is looking forward to driving the project on.

She said: “I spoke to Gravity today (Tuesday) about proceeding with the next stage which is for them to prepare a breakdown of all the costs for the project as if they were to build it.

“Of course it has to be put out to tender by Angus Council but for funding purposes we have to have an actual breakdown of costs.”

Now Jillian is at a stage where she can look seriously at sourcing outside finance from a range of funding bodies.

She said: “We’ve got a design, we’ve got to get it properly costed, need to get a site analysis and find out what groundwork needs to be done, because of course that will have to be factored into the cost and we need to start applying for funding.

“The external funding team from Angus Council are willing to help us gather all the information required to apply to funders such as Sports Scotland later this year.

“These are the main steps for this year.”

Jillian added: “Also, if anyone is interested in supporting us in our ventures, we are always looking for volunteers to assist in our fund raising events, the next of which is to be a Family Fun Day at the West Links on July 14. Anyone who would like to participate in any way is welcome to get in touch with me.

“We are very appreciative of the ever increasing public support for our project. The latest example of this being a £50 donation from pupils of Warddykes Primary School following a recent Zumbathon fund-raiser which they held at the school.”

For more information on the project search for Arbroath Skate Park on Facebook.