Should cycling be allowed?

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Cyclists should be allowed to use the pedestrian precinct in the High Street, according to some who believe they are causing no harm.

Earlier this month, the Herald reported the concerns of shoppers in the town centre who were worried cyclists might cause an accident in the precinct.

But as out pictured showed and as Angus Council confirmed, cycling is actually prohibited in this area.

But several visitors to our website, believe they should be allowed to use the route.

One comment posted, from ‘Fastflyer’, said: “I must say it’s been some time since I have heard of a cyclist causing a serious accident, let alone any deaths.

“Yes, cyclists shouldn’t be cycling through the high street, but as a motorist and road user, shouldn’t we be focusing, on road traffic, in and around the town centre, and all the thousands of deaths they cause to innocent pedestrians, and cyclists.”

While another called ‘Snabaw’ added: “I could see the point of complaints, even if it is breaking the law, if the precinct was or is ever busy but hardly anyone ever goes there.”

However, some local people still believe it is highly dangerous.

One lady, calling herself an unhappy taxpayer said: “It is only a matter of time before there is an accident.

“After all a blind person cannot see someone cycling on the pavement or a deaf person hear.

“We have a situation which is intolerable.”