‘Shocking way to treat someone’

AN ARBROATH councillor showed his defiance of petty bureaucracy last Friday by not attending a Royal visit.

Independent councillor Bob Spink decided not to accept his invitation to the re-opening of the Signal Tower by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne after the chairman of the Year of the Light steering group, Harry Simpson, was left off the guest list.

Councillor Spink said: “I’m not at all happy with the way Harry has been treated. He was by far the most deserving of the possible recipients.

“I think this is a shocking way to treat someone.”

Councillor Spink said he couldn’t understand why someone who had been involved in the campaign since the beginning would be ignored at this stage.

He said: “I presume that if I got an invitation, all of the council were invited.

“The sensible way to prioritise would be that the most deserved get to be there. That Harry was left off the list when he did deserve so much to be there is a blunder.

“It is a blunder in as much that someone, somewhere decided that Harry didn’t.”

As for the explanation provided by Angus Council as to why Mr Simpson had not been invited, Councillor Spink commented: “Saying that there were not enough places is an excuse, not a reason.”

He explained that there were a few other invited parties not attending, for different reasons, and so he could not understand why one of these spare spaces had not been made available.

Although, he added that it was unlikely that Mr Simpson would have accepted at a late stage, branding it “the fiddler’s bidden’”.

Mr Simpson has been involved in organising the celebrations for the Year of the Light since the beginning, and is understood to have been instrumental in the refurbishing of the Signal Tower museum.