Shining a light on the skatepark

Vandalism at Arbroath Skatepark
Vandalism at Arbroath Skatepark

Floodlights are in the works for the Arbroath skatepark which has recently been targeted by vandals.

The West Links facility opened last year thanks to the fund-raising campaign of the Arbroath Skatepark Project Club and public support.

The lights wil hopefully allow more use of the park and perhaps deter further vandalism. ASP club chair Jillian Low stated: “The park is still getting used in the winter months and hopefully the lighting will be installed by the end of the month.”

She continued: “The area is basically a blank canvas and it’s bound to get graffiti from time to time. It comes with the territory and the committee realised this quite quickly.

“It is unacceptable and we are working with Angus Council to stop this and the litter problem. Some of the older users have already said they will encourage the younger ones, because we think peer pressure works best — but we also need parents to encourage their kids, too.”

There are plans to bring in professional street images to create art especially for the skatepark.