Share what’s happening at Timmergreens

COMMUNITY Planning Partners will be joining residents from local communities in Angus at the launch of a new community programme called Connecting Communities (C2) in Arbroath on Saturday (June 9).

A ‘Listening Event’ which will held in a marquee in the park area (next to the shops) on Arbirlot Road will kick off the launch of C2 and will be focusing first on the Timmergreens area of Arbroath.

C2 originally started in Cornwall and is credited with turning round the fortunes of communities in the region. Where the programme has been promoted health indicators such as drug and alcohol use and teenage pregnancy rates have fallen significantly. Other measures like vandalism and petty crime have also decreased and people’s perceptions of quality of life in the area have been transformed.

It is hoped that as many Timmergreen residents will take this opportunity to voice their thoughts on what they find works in their local community, and what they think does not work and what they think needs to change.

The Listening Event will run from 10 a.m. until noon will be open to all residents of all ages. During the morning there will be entertainment for children such as face-painting and a bouncy castle along with free snacks and refreshments. 

Freda Stewart, Angus Health Improvement Partnership manager, said: “Connecting Communities is a way of working that is a simple as talking to and really listening to local communities.

“In the weeks before this Listening Event we have been out and about visiting homes in Timmergreens inviting local residents to come along to the event.

“While standing on people’s doorsteps we took the opportunity to ask Timmergreen residents to tell us what’s good about living in Timmergreens and what’s not so good. Finding out what local people really think is the starting point to improve health and wellbeing in the area.”

John McCrank, local resident and current chairman of the Timmergreens Action Group, has been supporting the idea from the start and is optimistic about the potential impact of C2.

He said: “The success will all depend on local service providers working together and opening up to the specific concerns, views and wishes of the community. More than ever we want the assets that lie within the community itself to be used in the solution to any problems that are identified.

“I’d like to see a really good turnout on the day, just to make sure that as many people as possible have a chance to have their say.”

Two weeks after the listening event there will be a follow-up feedback session where key points raised are reported and both agencies and local residents can begin to plan future actions to improve health and wellbeing.

For more information about C2 contact Freda Stewart, Health Improvement Programme manager, Angus CHP on 01307 474814 or e-mail

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