Selfish parkers slammed

A disabled parking space in Arbroath.
A disabled parking space in Arbroath.

An Arbroath man has called for action over the blatant and sustained misuse of disabled parking spaces in the town.

Carl Clifford contacted the Arbroath Herald this week to highlight the problem.

He said: “I am writing to express my disgust at the total disregard shown by able-bodied drivers who constantly park in Disabled Only spaces, and to request that some positive action is taken regarding this matter.

“I had to jump through all sorts of hoops with Angus Council to prove entitlement for a Blue Badge for my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy but I often wonder why I bothered because the majority of the time there are no disabled spaces available to park in as they are taken up by rude, ignorant, lazy and selfish able-bodied people, particularly in bad weather.”

Mr Clifford added: “The reason they do it is because they constantly get away with it as the car parks in this area are not policed – in particular the Abbey Gate car park.

“In my opinion, the only way forward is to make it illegal for non-entitled vehicles to park in all Blue Badge only spaces, to have car parks policed regularly and to fine offenders for misuse across the board - as they do in the USA.

“The whole reason Blue Badge holders need the extra space is, not so they can be near the shops, it is so they can get their wheelchairs in and out the vehicles etc.

“This is extremely difficult to do in a normal sized parking space.

“Misusing a disabled parking space is the only occasion when an able bodied person would gladly swap places with a disabled person.”

According to Angus Council, which oversees public parking and is responsible for providing disabled bays, on street disabled parking is for Blue Badge holders only and is enforced by Police Scotland while off-street and car parks is enforced by the local authority which is able to levy a £30 fine to offenders. Enforcement in store car parks would be the owner’s responsibility.