‘Secret code’ for local pupils

LOCAL children who took part in a charity world record attempt recently will be given a ‘secret code’ to use on a website developed especially for the event.

Participants in SignHealth’s sign2sing event can now unlock the ‘Record Breakers’ section on the Monkey Manor website, www.sign2sing.org.uk, for the chance to win prizes, including an iPad mini.

Steve Powell, chief executive at SignHealth, said: “sign2sing is our annual fund-raising event to break the record for the most people signing and singing a song simultaneously.

“To thank everyone from Angus who took part we will give them a secret code, which allows them to have exclusive access to activities, a competition and prize draws on Monkey Manor.

“Participants will be familiar with Monkey Manor as it is through this site that they accessed the resources and activities to help them learn the signs and song for sign2sing. However, the Record Breakers section requires the user to enter a code to unlock it and we will send this code to everyone who took part.”

He continued: “Children will be able to play signing activities as well as take part in a competition to win prizes, including an iPad mini, vouchers and tickets for days out to various attractions.”

Mr Powell added: “Children will also be able to download the song, ‘sign2sing’, which has been specifically composed for the event, as well as another track called ‘Time to Party’ from the website. Downloads will cost a maximum of 79 pence and proceeds will go towards SignHealth.”

For more information about sign2sing, visit the website www.sign2sing.org.uk or contact SignHealth on 01494 687600. Alternatively, sign2sing is on Twitter at www.twitter.com/sign2sing and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sign2sing.