Sculpture shows snow can be fun

Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour

RESIDENTS of Parkhill estate were baffled by the mysterious appearance of a wonderfully elaborate snow sculpture between Thursday afternoon Friday morning.

The sculpture, featuring a man and woman resting on a bench surveying the snow-covered hills to the north, was discovered at the side of the road by the farm manager, Mr David Ramsay, and for some time there was speculation about who had created it.

Clues, in the form of the electrical cables used to make spectacles for the snowmen and the sighting of a white van the day before, led residents to believe this artistic feat may have been the work of a D. Adam & Co. electrical contractor employee.

Inquiries to their office at James Street, Arbroath, then confirmed that a talented member of Adam’s staff had indeed made the sculpture. It just goes to show that the severe weather isn’t all bad. Some folk have managed to keep a sense of fun! Pictured are, from left - Mrs Margaret Tyrie, Mrs Sandra Macrae and Mrs Elizabeth Ramsay.