Scotland’s ‘secret disgrace’ exposed

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The Clean Up Scotland campaign is calling for a revolution in attitude towards litter so that dropping litter becomes socially unacceptable.

And Angus South MSP Graeme Dey is fully supportive of the campaign against litter and mess run by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The campaign commissioned by YouGov research showed that 71 per cent of people living in Scotland have seen litter dropped, either accidentally or on purpose, in the past three months.

Jeremy Purvis, campaign director of Clean Up Scotland, said: “These shocking results expose in full the litter epidemic which we face here in Scotland.

“Almost three-quarters of people in Scotland are seeing litter being dropped – some of the estimated 250 million pieces of litter dropped each year on our streets, in our parks and on our beaches.”

He continued: “Litter has a damaging effect on our country, not just in terms of our visual beauty but socially and financially.”

Mr Dey commented: “The findings of this poll lay bare the scale of the problem of littering which not only creates eyesores but costs local authorities money they can ill afford.

“This is a major issue for Scotland and that’s why the consultation ‘Towards a Litter Free Scotland’ which will inform a new National Litter Strategy to be launched by the Scottish Government early next year is so important.”