Say ‘cheese’ for skatepark funding

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The Arbroath skate park project is appealing for their supporters to get together for a giant photoshoot to aid their funding applications.

The Arbroath Skate Park Club is hoping to get as many supporters together at the proposed site at the West Links on Saturday, June 15 at 3 p.m. for a big picture.

Jillian Low, chair of the club explained the premise. She said: “Instead of a public consultation we want to get as many kids as possible to the West Links for a photo shoot.

“We’ve been advised this goes down in the application process because it’s a good visual.”

She continued: “It was actually Linda Caston from Angus Council’s External Funding Team that suggested it. We were talking about it to do a very quick consultation and she thought this would work quite well.

“People can sign a petition or like a Facebook page but to actually make the effort to go down there and do it, if we can get a big enough group of kids together it will hopefully have a big impact.”

The resulting picture will then be attached for the group’s funding application to the Legacy 2014 Active Fund.

The plan is for everybody to gather at the proposed site for the skate park which is adjacent to Kerr’s Miniature Railway at the West Links.

As the group needs all the help they can get the organisers are also appealing to the parents of younger skaters to bring them along.

For more information on the Arbroath Skate Park Club search for them on Facebook.