Safe driving initiative at Angus Training Group

A GROUP of apprentices at Angus Training Group took part in a safe driving event at the group’s Catherine Street premises on Thursday.

Driving Ambition is a multi-agency initiative which aims to instil a sense of safe and responsible car use.

Alan Swankie, one of the group directors, explained that the death of a 17-year-old apprentice had prompted him to organise the event.

The initiative aims to give young drivers a better understanding of safe and unsafe road practices.

It was launched in 2008 and takes the form of an information fair and a range of interactive activities as well as on-hand expert advice and information.

Mr Swankie commented: “We have had a number of fatalities over the years I have been here and we actually had one as recently as last year. That triggered me into trying to arrange something not only for the apprentices who are here but also those who are back at their companies.

“The individual had just finished his first year with us and unfortunately died. He had only been driving for a short period of time.

“It is a very sad occasion someone at 17 losing their life with so much in front of them.”

He went on: “He was one of the many we have lost over the years

“I have been here 33 years now and I would think we are probably into double figures with regard to apprentices whom I have seen killed in road traffic accidents.”

The initiative was led by Tayside Police road safety unit with significant support from other agencies which included Tayside Safety Camera Partnership and Tayside Fire and Rescue.