Royal ‘thank you’ for Squadron Prints

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AN ARBROATH company had a brush with royalty recently.

Earlier this week owners of Squadron Prints Ltd. Gill Howie and Berry Visser received a letter from a Lady-in-Waiting at Sandringham House.

In May Gill and Berry had attended the Armed Forces Day Parade at Windsor Castle and were inspired to create a limited edition set of prints commemorating the event to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

A run of 60 prints was commissioned, honouring the Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and print number 60 was sent as a gift to the Queen.

Gill said: “Sitting just along from Her Majesty the Queen we could visibly see the delight on Her Majesty’s face as the pride of the RAF flew past.”

The Honourable Mrs Whitehead, Lady-in-Waiting wrote: “Her Majesty thought it was so kind of you to write and was very touched that you have sent a gift of a limited edition print which has been signed by the Typhoon and Red Arrows pilots, which has given The Queen much pleasure.”

Gill said: “I am just so thrilled. You see it on all the television broadcasts of the flypasts that she enjoys watching the aircraft and I just thought she might like this set to remind her.

“I doubt they will go on her wall but knowing that she liked them is such a huge honour!”

Each of the prints is signed by the Red Arrows, the Typhoon pilots from the display and Forces’ champion Lorraine Kelly.

A number of the prints have been sold and last year Squadron Prints donated £2,012 to the RAF Benevolent Fund.