Royal letter for Timethemes

ON HIS return from a short holiday break following a very enjoyable and successful yet somewhat tiring Glamis Diamond Jubilee Gathering, Arbroath Abbey Timethemes chairman, Geoff Bray found the usual pile of mail.

Amongst the various bills and other assorted items, said Geoff, was one envelope which was of the sort I receive from time to time from Westminster, as being on several committees, requires correspondence with Members of both Houses.

He continued: “When I opened this one however, it came as quite a surprise to find that it was actually from the Lady in Waiting to The Duchess of Gloucester at Kensington Palace.

“At Glamis, some of the Timethemes party had to leave early and others were in the process of changing out of costume, when it was announced that The Duchess was in the Arbroath marquee. So those of us who were able, got back into full costume in anticipation that the VIP party would perhaps pause at our medieval tent and display.

“It was quite a moment to be able to describe our activities to The Duchess and the Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Georgiana Osborne. The selling of items was not allowed at Glamis, but Timethemes tokens custodian Bill Smith had two silver key-rings as part of a full set for display purposes on the day, which he was pleased to describe and present to The Duchess and Mrs Osborne as useful everyday items and a memento of the occasion.”

The letter explained that The Duchess had thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Glamis, especially as this was her first visit to the area and thanked us for the little gift which would be a lasting reminder.

Mr Bray concluded: “We certainly never expected things to work out as they did, and certainly not to be in receipt of a letter from Kensington Palace. This is one which will be securely kept in our historical archive and certainly rounded off the occasion in Regal fashion.”