Round Table up for national prize

ARBROATH Round Table has been recognised for their work with the elderly in the community after being nominated for a national award.

The group has been shortlisted in the community service category at the annual Round Table Britain and Ireland (RTBI) awards, which are presented at their national conference later this month.

The Table were nominated due to the amount of work they carry out for the elderly in the town and are one of four finalist vying for the prize.

Chairman of Arbroath Round Table, Jamie Buchan said: “We Arbroath Tablers are honoured and humbled to be shortlisted in this prestigious category. We do what we do for the joy of giving something back to the community, not for any award, but it is certainly nice to be recognised for the programme that we run for our Arbroath pensioners.

“We know about some of the projects our fellow Tablers around the country are involved in and to be held in such high regard by our national body is something to be proud of.

“Our annual programme wouldn’t be possible without the help of our community so thanks go to the various people and organisations who get involved with us over the year including our wives and families.”

The annual pensioners programme organised by Arbroath Round Table includes the Tablers v Pensioners games night, pensioners matchdays at Gayfield and the Tablers Tea Party where 100 residents of care homes are given lunch and entertainment.

They are also putting the final touches to a DVD presentation called ‘Memories of Arbroath’ for care homes which is aimed at people delaing with dementia and residents as a talking point. 

Kevin Chard, national programme officer for RTBI said: “Arbroath stood out because it wasn’t just a one off project but a series of events which they repeat every year for the senior citizens of Arbroath.”