Road safety plan launched

A NEW road safety action plan for Angus was launched by Angus Council and Tayside Police on Friday aimed at reducing casualties on local roads.

Angus exceeded the government’s 2010 accident reduction targets and by last year had recorded less than 250 road casualties, the lowest figure for 30 years.

Speaking following the launch of the plan, Angus Council leader Councillor Bob Myles said that everyone has a responsibility for road safety.

He explained: “We have seen a huge reduction in road accidents in Angus, with the total number of road casualties falling to a 30-year low in 2010.

“Investment in road safety across the county is making a big difference, with a programme of often low cost, but effective, engineering solutions have been found to reduce accidents at identified accident cluster sites.

“But even with this marked improvement we can’t be complacent. While there is a lot that the council and its partners can do everyone has a responsibility for road safety as our individual actions, whether as pedestrians or motorists make a significant impact on the safety of ourselves and others.”

The council launched the new plan in conjunction with Tayside Police and Chief Superintendent Kevin Lynch was hopeful the number of accidents continues to decrease.

He added: “Tayside Police is dedicated to continuing the good work made towards reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads. Education and enforcement plays a key role.

“This new road safety plan will build on this good work and ensure that we continue to improve road safety.”