Road rage incident upsets mum to be

AN ARBROATH woman and her heavily pregnant daughter were astounded to be the victims of a road rage incident near Colliston recently.

Mrs Lois Meldrum was subjected to a torrent of abuse after parking her car in the designated area at the Colliston end of the St Vigeans Nature Trail as the pair prepared to take their dogs for a walk.

She explained: “I usually reverse into the parking area and, as it is on a busy country road, you have to be very vigilant. On approaching the car park I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a silver grey car in the distance. As there was not enough time to carry out the reverse manoeuvre I decided to indicate and stop at the side of the area and wait for the car, which had a clear view both ways, to pass.”

She went on: “After passing us the person in this car gave one very long blast of the horn. We jumped and I looked back and saw the car brake hard to a stop. I started to carry out the reverse manoeuvre and on doing so a woman got out of the other car and approached us. She started to shout through the car window complaining about where I had stopped.

“When I tried to explain that I had waited for her to pass, she started a deluge of insults to my daughter and myself.

“She screamed: ‘You low life people, you low life common as muck people, get back to your own area. Get back to your council house.’”

Mrs Meldrum continued: “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and my daughter closed the window. As she did this the person walked to the front of the car and appeared to take a note of the number plate.”

“I just wish I had had the presence of mind to tell her to go and get some help for her aggression. Tell her that I do not live in a council house but was brought up and started my married life in one, and am proud of it. I have spent the last four years fighting cancer and am still attending hospital for check ups. My daughter is also a cancer victim and is pregnant with a baby she thought she would never have and we are deliriously happy just at the thought of a new life soon to be born.”

The incident was reported to the police. A spokesperson for Tayside Police commented: “Tayside Police can confirm they received a report of a road traffic incident at about 4 p.m. on August 15 near Station Road, Colliston. Enquiries were made into the incident and there was no further police action.”