Revamped Signal Tower inspected by convener

Jim Millar and Anna Hondzio inspect plans for the courtyard at the Signal Tower.
Jim Millar and Anna Hondzio inspect plans for the courtyard at the Signal Tower.

ONE OF Arbroath’s premier tourist attractions, Signal Tower Museum, will re-open at the end of next month at the conclusion of a £450,000 refurbishment programme.

And on Friday the convener of Angus Council’s neighbourhood services committee, local councillor Jim Millar, dropped by to inspect the courtyard works.

Work to complete the major refurbishment of the Signal Tower Museum in Arbroath is progressing well, and the building will re-open to the public at the end of next month.

Muirfield Contracts Ltd., completed their part of the upgrade at the end of January, and since then work has since been progressing on fitting out the museum with exhibits, both new and old.

Currently, work is under way in the courtyard where contractors are recreating a replica of the base of the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Councillor Millar commented: “Besides significant refurbishment of the building itself, the Signal Tower Museum re-display project creates new permanent displays on the construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse - including a scale model - trade and fishing from Arbroath Harbour and the lives of local mariners.

“A multi-purpose room will be used for temporary displays and activities for both children and adults.”

He continued: “The signalling ball mechanism on the Signal Tower has been restored and will be used on special occasions, and a webcam showing the harbour area and the sea state will be mounted on the tower.

“In addition, there is a new reception and sales area and features in the courtyard will show the size of the base of the lighthouse and how the courses of stonework fitted together.”

Councillor Millar concluded: “This major refurbishment co-incides with the Year of the Light celebrations but gives a lasting benefit, not only to Arbroath and Angus, but to our many visitors to the area.”